During the pandemic, businesses around the world had to adapt to the new digital landscape. One of the most common changes was the emergence of online therapy, which is a type of therapy that uses various forms of communication.


Before the pandemic, teletherapy was already available online, but it became more prevalent during the pandemic as clients had no other choice. Some of the most popular platforms that provide mental health services online include Talkspace and BetterHelp.


The pandemic taught people about the importance of maintaining their mental health. The rise of online therapy has been beneficial to the world as it has increased awareness about mental health.


The Efficacy of Therapy

The rise of online therapy has been beneficial to the world as it has increased awareness about mental health. In 2020, a study conducted by the APA revealed that about 64% of its members did not see any of their work via telehealth before the pandemic. After the pandemic, 85% of the organization’s members saw over 75% of their work through teletherapy.


The rise of online therapy was also due to its necessity. During the pandemic, many clinicians were forced to adapt to the new technology. This was a time when people around the world were struggling with mental health issues.


Although online therapy is different from in-person therapy, it has been proven that both methods are effective. In-person therapy is more intimate, and it allows patients to access certain non-verbal cues.

A meta-analysis study conducted on the various aspects of clinical interventions revealed that both in-person and online therapy produce similar results.


The Importance of Self-Care

The pandemic also taught people about the importance of mental health care. It was revealed that treatment could be effective regardless of the method used. Online therapy can make it easier for people to access mental health care.


During the pandemic, many people were struggling with their mental health issues. Due to the availability of online treatment options, the need for self-care will continue to increase.


Instead of driving to the therapist’s office, people can now join a session online in just a couple of seconds. It eliminates the need for people to rearrange their schedules and commute to the therapist’s office.


Providing More Access

Besides being time-saving, online therapy also allows people to access treatment in various locations. It eliminates the need for them to leave their homes. For instance, some people can complete their sessions at work while sitting in their parked cars.


Having access to online therapy also allows people to choose a therapist that fits their specific needs. This can be helpful for people who live in rural areas or those who do not have a specialist in their area. Therapists who cater to specific demographics can also be helpful.


Therapists can see their clients regardless of where they are located due to the licensing laws in the state. For instance, a person in Northern California can still see a therapist through teletherapy even though the distance is six hours.


People who have been struggling with the lack of access to a therapist in their local area can benefit from using teletherapy. It can help them find a suitable therapist who can meet their needs immediately.