Many people struggling with their mental health have been told, “You are not alone”, and it’s true. There are common struggles and setbacks many people go through. A lot of the issues are brought up in therapy for people to discuss and heal from. There are the most common issues people talk about while in therapy:

Social Media

We live in an age where everyone’s lives are posted for everyone to see. There are beautiful sites, adventures, and life achievements we watch them experience. This can often lead to feeling depressed about our own lives because it begins to seem less exciting and much more boring. In many therapy sessions, people discuss the effects that social media has on their mental health. They often question if their life is good enough or if they are who they are supposed to be. 

Online Dating

The world of dating has changed significantly in recent years. Instead of meeting in person, a lot of the dating is done online.  While this can be successful for some, others are given an entirely different experience. Many people discuss in therapy their disappointment in the choices they are given through dating apps and seeing all these choices without finding someone more satisfactory makes them depressed. Too many choices can lead to feeling extremely dissatisfied with any choice we make, especially with online dating.

Workweek Burnout

It’s no secret that a 9 to 5 job behind a desk can lead to significant feelings of depression. Although many businesses and companies have worked hard to improve mental health in their offices and prioritize their employee’s mental wellness, burnout from work is a major and common issue discussed in therapy. Work has been known to cause high levels of stress, anxiety, and insomnia. The pressure of work and having the need to succeed can start to wear and tear on a person’s mental health.

Struggling with Depression and Anxiety

Two common mental health issues many people deal with are anxiety and depression. Some of the time, a person can suffer from both at the same time. A lot of the time people come to their therapists struggling with depression and anxiety, with rates of these cases growing higher and higher. 

More often then not, someone will struggle with mental health during a point in their life. It’s important to know that these struggles are normal but to also know seeking help is the first step.