Routines are great. They help keep your life on track and are good for your health. While they may not work for everyone and some may even think having a routine is boring, a lot of people find comfort in having one. The problem is that creating a sticking to a routine isn’t always an easy task, especially with the world struggling through a pandemic and various other issues. So how can you create a routine and be sure to stick to it? Here are a few tips.

Create A Plan

A great place to start with your routine is by actually writing out what you want your routine to be. Start making a list with times and the various tasks you want to complete throughout the day. Start with when you wake up and do your daily morning rituals such as breakfast or a shower and brushing your teeth. Plan out the rest of your day from there, including work, various meals, and any other things you typically do in a day like going to the gym or attending extracurricular activities. Remind yourself that this routine can be flexible and you don’t need to adhere to the exact times on your list. Life comes at us fast and unexpected situations arise all of the time, so don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t follow totally follow your routine on any given day.

Stick To The Plan

Once you actually have your new routine laid out you have to make sure you stick with it. The real challenge in this is actually getting started. A great way to do this is by picking the parts of your routine that excites you most and starting there. Since starting a routine can be a big change in your life, it’s good to tackle it in small parts. By starting slowly and small, you can get used to some of the easier parts of your routine so they became a habit, and slowly build the more difficult parts into it as you go. It’s said that a habit can take around 3 months to really stick with a person, so be patient and you’ll be there before you know it. It’s also good to remind yourself that it’s okay if you miss part of your routine here or there. Don’t punish yourself, as it will only be detrimental.

Reward Yourself

If you do a good job of sticking to your routine, try rewarding yourself. For example, if part of your routine is to avoid all unhealthy foods throughout the week and you manage to do so, take a break over the weekend and treat yourself to something you really love, even if it isn’t great to you. This type of positive reinforcement can be a great way to motivate yourself to continue with your routine.

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