Don’t worry. If it’s getting dark on Sunday and you’re dreading 9 AM tomorrow, you’re not alone. It’s called the “Sunday Scaries,” and it’s not uncommon in our workaholic world. For those afflicted with this condition, the sharp move from weekend to work week brings about mixed feelings.

In our job-centric society, our job is our identity. This is also because of our “workaholic” (addicted to work) culture. There’s also a conflict between our work and personal lives. They’re both demanding of our time and energy. Harmonizing the two is often difficult.

Additionally, there’s simply not enough time. Many leave Saturday for errands like grocery shopping and laundry. Only Sunday is truly for relaxation.

When it’s an issue is that the “Sunday Scaries” are part of something bigger. For example, maybe you’re dissatisfied with your career path. Or perhaps you don’t like your boss or coworkers. You should reflect on how you’re feeling and diagnose what the issue is.

Sometimes it’s something small, and sometimes you need to address it because it’s serious.

Sleep is important

Do your best to sleep enough. Many workers sleep extra on the weekend to make up for lack of sleep during the workweek. This is known as catching up on “sleep debt.” Several health issues are linked to this, such as overeating, spending less energy, weight gain, and harmful effects on how the body utilizes insulin.

Keep your sleep hygiene clean. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Avoid naps if you can. Cut down on caffeine. Invest in a quality bed, pillow, sheets, and blankets. After all, you do spend a third of your life sleeping!

Make friends

Do your best to make friends in the office. You don’t have to be best buddies with everyone, but it’ll make working a lot easier if you have a few friends. Socializing at work will decrease tension and stress.

Detach from work

Truly detach from work when you’re at home. The weekends are your time. Don’t look at emails or notifications on your phone.

Extend the weekend

You still have to work on Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something fun. Go out for lunch. Or order a pizza and watch a movie when you get home.

See a therapist

If your anxiety is persistent or your issues are serious, it might make sense to invest in a therapist. You’ll be able to talk through your problems and come up with a solution.

Work week anxiety feels horrible. There are effective ways to combat it.             

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