Clutter can infect our anxiety levels, hibernation, and ability to focus. Indeed, clutter and anxiety go unitedly like blasted date nights and shock progression: unavoidable. Messy homes and offices can make anyone feel dependent and overburdened. Yet, hardly is clutter acknowledged as a severe origin of stress in our lives.


The effects of clutter are vastly negative and it can affect a wide variety of people. It is found that a cluttered shelter is a stressful shelter. Another point, a study from 2010 found that women who recognize their homes as messy or cluttered had higher cortisol levels (the stress hormone) all throughout the day.


It is known that clutter is an effortless way of adding to one’s life, temporarily solving issues while adding more over the long-term. It is much more accessible than fixing a distressed job or relationship matter. One has to carry it out to no avail.


Why Does Mess Take Many to Stress and Frustration?

Here are a few reasons why more clutter adds to frustration and more issues.

  1. Clutter puzzles us by distracting our awareness away from what we should be a focus on at the present moment.
  2. Messiness creates it further challenging to relax, both physically and mentally.
  3. Clutter time signals to individuals’ brains that our work is not at all done.
  4. Various messy places make individuals nervous because they are not at all sure what it’s going to take to get through what is going on.
  5. Clutter discourages innovation and productivity by occupying the open places that permit people to think, brainstorm, and problem solve.


Clutter Can Worsen Anxiety

Feeling anxious? Feeling more stress on every side of the home, office, or car – clutter could be the reason. So, what is it about messiness that drives our anxiety?


Clutter Adds to Confusion and Wastes Time

It can blind individuals from what they are looking for, whether it’s an unpaid bill or a missing sock. Mess causes distraction and stops individuals from doing something important. It can be literal or figurative.


Clutter Takes Away From Creativity

Clutter dampers creativity and productivity. When individuals can’t see what they are doing and instead are distracted by other factors, they don’t have much room for creativity or problem-solving in their brain.


Clutter seems like it is harmless but it can quite certainly create a great deal of issues.

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