While we should always do our best to support healthcare workers, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially difficult for them. While the severity of the pandemic varies by location, many healthcare workers around the country are understaffed, working long hours, and putting themselves at risk every day to not only do what they can for those who catch the virus, but for everyone who walks in the door regardless of their reasoning. Here are a few ways you can support your healthcare workers.

Make Donations

If the pandemic is particularly bad in your area, such as a crowded city, a good way to support healthcare workers who are working long hours is by making donations. A common donation to make is sending the workers food. Everyone loves food, and healthcare workers will be thankful for a free, hot meal to get them through the long hours. When ordering food, keep in mind various dietary restrictions so nobody is left out. Cold food might be better as well if you’re ordering delivery for them, as it can still be good several hours later. If you’re looking to donate equipment, reach out to the hospital you’re trying to donate to and see if they will accept them, as many organizations don’t take outside donations of that sort.

Be Sure To Listen

If you personally know a healthcare worker, one of the best things you can do to help them right now is simply listening to them. They’re likely highly stressed and exhausted and may want to rant about work to someone. Every day healthcare workers are dealing with a fear of bringing the virus home, dealing with supply shortages at work, being understaffed, or even losing patients. This can be extremely draining on a person, so be sure to give them your full attention when they talk to you about it. Don’t worry too much about giving them advice, as there likely isn’t much you can do in those regards, but be sure to show them that you’re here and are always available if they just want to talk about the way they’re feeling.

Show Your Appreciation

Most importantly, be sure to show healthcare workers your appreciation. Whether you personally know one or you’ve had an interaction with one recently, just saying “thank you” can make a difference in their day. These are difficult times, and the healthcare industry can be rather thankless. A little kindness can go a long way.

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