An endemic is when an illness constantly threatens a place, but the problem is in a controlled environment. During this COVID-19 pandemic, a city can have an endemic if the sickness does not have fatal effects but is controlled and treatable. In many cities, vaccination is ongoing, but many people have yet to get the shot. Places like San Francisco have the highest numbers of vaccinated people, and some Corona regulations are no longer in use. When people are indoors or in areas with less than a hundred people, they don’t have to wear face masks. However, in some other places like New York City, wearing a mask in public is mandatory. A city nearing an endemic has a few changes implemented in the day-to-day living of the society. Discussed below are some of them.

Functions such as parties and meetings will require proof of vaccination for everyone present, and no one in the crowd should have had a recent infection of the virus. Venues should also be well ventilated, thus allowing the attendees not to wear masks. Children, however, cannot be allowed into such gatherings due to their high vulnerability. In the case of businesses, employers may choose to impose the wearing of facemasks on their employees due to the many people they interact with daily.

Since an endemic does not mean the end of the pandemic, policies in the city might not go back to how they were before COVID-19. Some of the regulations may now become permanent to ensure the safety of the citizens. However, even when the city leaders adjust some rules, the workplace may need extra precaution. Masking and vaccination will be a constant reminder to keep employees safe at the place of work.

Even when the city rules change, employers need to keep the employees on high alert concerning new infections. All existing staff should receive enlightenment on the company’s policies despite any relaxation outside the workplace. New employees should also have orientation and tests to keep others safe. Therefore, it is critical to foresee the changes on the way and take the required measures. If the city is moving towards an endemic, protecting oneself becomes a personal duty rather than an enforced regulation. Many cities are looking towards a situation where they can live with the COVID-19 virus like any other flu.