Seeing a therapist can be very beneficial to your mental and emotional health, but there may come a time when your own therapist is no longer a good fit for you. Here are some signs that you should consider looking for another therapist.


Therapy Feels Like a Chore

To be fair, therapy isn’t always fun. You express your deepest thoughts and fears and sometimes drudge up long-forgotten memories. Depending on what those thoughts and memories are, the experience can be a harrowing one. On the other hand, it should never feel like a chore to see your therapist. If the thought of a therapy session bothers you and you would rather do anything else than go, it’s probably time to go elsewhere and see someone else.


You Don’t Think You’re Getting Any Better

While therapy is never an exact science, you should feel like you’re getting better as you go. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall and aren’t seeing any improvement in yourself, your therapist may have done all they can to help you. When this happens, there’s nothing wrong with ending your sessions and seeing someone else. Your therapist may have been a great help when you started seeing them, but someone else might be better suited to help you now.


You Don’t Feel Comfortable

You should never feel like you have to lie or conceal the truth to your therapist. Yes, you might not feel comfortable divulging your deepest secrets during your first session, but eventually you should feel comfortable enough to tell your therapist everything. If you can never bring yourself to do that, it might be because you’re not comfortable talking to your therapist and should find someone else.


Your Therapist Is Unreliable or Distracted

A good therapist will always be present for their patients. If your therapist is constantly distracted by a cell phone or laptop or either cancels or is late for sessions, they won’t be able to help you as much as well as they should.


You’re Moving

Sometimes having to find a new therapist has nothing to do with your current therapist being a bad fit. Sometimes you physically cannot continue to see your therapist because you’re going to be several miles away. If you trust your therapist enough to do so, ask if they have any recommendations for other therapists that will be closer to your new home.