When struggling with mental health or coping with a mental illness, there are many ways to find help and guidance. There are major benefits of talking with a licensed professional 1-on-1, but there are more ways of therapy. Another way to cope and have an outlet is through group therapy. Group therapy comes in many forms, but all aim to discuss their health and wellness with a group of 5 to 15 people that are led by one or more psychologists. Check out the benefits of group therapy:

Not Feeling Alone 

When struggling with a mental illness or addiction, it is easy to feel alone. One of the greatest benefits of attending group therapy is realizing how many people are going through the same situation. Although we all have our own unique circumstances, being around others with similar situations can be a major help. It can help normalize suffering and make the group feel that they are all in this together. 

Constant Encouragement

Because there are similar situations and struggles dealt with in group therapy, newcomers are able to also see how others have triumphed. It is one thing to be told over and over that everything will be okay, but actually witnessing it for yourself can be quite powerful. It can be very encouraging to hear about how other members successfully overcame their mental health problems and help move someone else forward on their own path to health and recovery.

Becoming More Aware

One of the greatest benefits of group therapy is being able to find yourself and your voice. Group therapy often helps people to become much more aware of their own feelings and learning how to express them. Through group sessions, they pick up on their emotions and learn new ways of talking about them to the group. By always having an outlet to connect with your emotions and openly talking about them, you are able to find your voice and become aware of how you are feeling. 

Group therapy offers many tools to reach a healthier state mentally and emotionally. Whether it is for mental unless, drug addiction, or losing a loved one, group therapy can be a tremendous help on the road to health and recovery.