In the United States, 18.1% of the population suffers from anxiety and other related disorders. When we think of these statistics, it shows that every one in six goes through this condition. Seeing how common it is and how debilitating it can be for others, there must be some ways that people can cope with anxiety in a positive way.

Although anxiety is often seen as a negative health condition, there are some ways that one can use it to their advantage. Below are some ideas and mindsets people can pick up to make anxiety work for them.

Ways To Use Anxiety As An Advantage

Improving self-awareness

Being aware of the fact that a person has anxiety helps them to cope better. Some individuals can get blindsided because they are in denial or haven’t sought professional help on their mental health conditions. Thus, they can speak or act in ways that are harmful to their well-being and relationships with others.

Understanding that one has anxiety and knowing the right ways to cope boosts self-awareness. Being self-aware helps the person to be more mindful of their responses and thus take actions towards leading a better life not controlled by anxiety.

Practicing resilience

It’s amazing how others who have terminal conditions can show courage and strength. We see this time and time again from inspiring news stories on the internet, TV, and other forms of media.

People who suffer from anxiety can also use it as a training ground for resilience. Learning how to take a challenge from one’s way of thinking and working to reframe it is one of the ways to develop inner strength. Knowing that a person can grow despite mental health conditions can truly help in training for resilience that impacts one’s overall character.

Anxiety as motivation

Anxiety can also be used as a stepping stone for motivation. For example, the worry of not being able to pass an exam can be used to motivate oneself to study. The worry of not getting enough finances can motivate someone to find a job or start income-generating pursuits.

In these scenarios, anxiety is used as fuel to accomplish things rather than to stop one from performing.

Hopefully, these ideas can give people a better frame of mind when dealing with anxiety. As those with mental health issues see anxiety as something to benefit from, they can learn to feel better about themselves and cope successfully with their condition.

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