Mental health can be hard o get under control even in the best of times. Add stress, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Whether you’re starting a new business, juggling multiple tasks at work, or just have too much on your plate, it’s crucial to learn how to address your mental health so you never have to sacrifice your wellness. A balance between your work or duties throughout the day and your peace of mind is 100% possible. Take a look below for 3 tips that can increase your emotional health. 

Take a Break from Social Media

On average, Americans spend about 24 hours per week online and perusing social media sites. Whether it’s for personal use or for work, it can be stressful to be bombarded with so much content across multiple platforms, not to mention distracting. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with disengaging from a long day by watching your favorite shows or checking in on social media, but setting limits each day can be beneficial.

 The added stress of feeling the need to respond or post photos can quickly turn into stress. Take time away from the amount spent on social media each day to focus on something more relaxing. Take a few deep breaths, read a book, or simply enjoy being around others you care about. This break can help you form new habits that will keep stress levels down. 

Open Up About Your Feelings

No one likes to bottle up their feelings. It can lead to stress and greater anxiety than the thing that caused the stress in the first place. Whether it’s a close friend, coworker, your personal journal, or a therapist, being able to open up about your feelings with people you trust is key. 

Bottled up stress can disrupt sleep and decrease your happiness, potentially causing more stress and a loss of happiness. By opening up, you can identify things that cause you stress so you can better combat them in the future. The more in tune you are to what causes you stress, the better prepared you’ll be when they start to chip away at your mental health. 

Practice Relaxation Methods

Everyone relaxes in different ways, but regardless of how you go about relaxing, it is essential for maintaining your mental health. Getting enough sleep each night is one of the best things a person can do to combat stress. Make sure to go to bed early enough to feel rested and shut off your devices that may interrupt your good night’s sleep. 

Practicing mindfulness is another great option. You can do this by taking a yoga class, practicing deep breathing, or even by meditating several times a week. Spend time each day just on yourself and concentrating on decreasing your stress. It may not seem like a lot, but it can make a large impact on improving your mental health.