COVID-19 has taken its toll on life in many ways. The environment that you live in has an impact on how you are experiencing issues like quarantine and work. Learning more about the mental health consequences can make it easier to deal with the issues as they come.

Lack of Outdoor Time

COVID-19 has most people forced to stay indoors whenever possible. When you are living in a city, you likely have little to no outdoor space at your home, so this forces you to miss out on nature and what it has to offer. Mental health gains a positive impact from green spaces, so if you are not able to spend time in them, this could have a negative effect.

To combat this, try taking a walk. Even if you are not able to find a green environment, strolling around your neighborhood and getting some fresh air could still be beneficial. Just ensure that you are following the proper social distancing guidelines.

The Stress of Constant Change

Frequent changes are happening everywhere, but more often in densely populated areas. When you have to constantly adapt to a new normal, this can take its toll on your mental health. Constant change can also induce fear and anxiety.

Adopting coping mechanisms is important. For example, write in a journal or chat with a friend about the changes and how they are affecting you. Not only can this give you a fresh perspective, but it also gets you out of your head which can make the issues associated with change feel lighter.

Constant Stimulation with Little Engagement

Urban areas are always bustling even during a pandemic. Because of this, you are faced with constant stimulation, but due to social distancing guidelines, you are not able to participate. To help with this issue, find a hobby that you can do alone or virtually. This will help to keep you busy and engaged so that the stimulation does not take a severe toll.

If your mental health is taking a toll as a result of COVID-19, it is important to reach out. Talking to someone can help you to get through the difficulties so that you do not feel so isolated when you are adhering to quarantine procedures.

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