Mental health problems are persistent in schools all around the world. School can be difficult for a student struggling with their mental health – they may struggle to get their work done, or they may act out and end up with disciplinary action against them. Every student is different, and with students spending so much of their time at school, it stands that schools should be focusing on mental health and how they can help students that struggle with it. While it can be an uphill battle, there is a lot that schools can do in order to help their students both academically and behaviorally when it comes to their mental health. Here are a few ideas to help get your school started.

Educators Should Know The Warning Signs

Educators are around their students constantly during the week, and some students see their teachers more than their parents. It’s important that school teachers of all levels understand what the warning signs for various mental health issues are when they walk into the classroom. If a teacher recognizes any of these warning signs, they can step in early to ensure the student is supported in the best way possible for them. Teachers should look out for behaviors such as sadness, withdrawal, not eating, intense worries, difficulty concentrating, and much more.

Schools Should Teach Students About Mental Health

While many schools do teach their students about mental health, they often times are very ground level and don’t discuss how students can recognize these things within themselves. When schools have in-depth discussions about mental health with their students, students walk out better equipped to understand and help themselves if they realize they themselves are struggling with their mental health. 

Hold Events Where Parents Can Come And Learn About Mental Health

One of the most important aspects of helping a student with their mental health is making sure their parents are aware and understand how their child is feeling so they can help. As previously mentioned, sometimes parents just don’t notice these things due to a busy schedule or not seeing their children as much as they’d like. By educating parents about these things, parents can work with their children to improve things at home.

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