Establishing a child’s sense of trust is very important in a relationship. It can be done early in the child’s development by being responsive to their emotional and physical needs. Studies have shown that children who are able to be soothed are more able to regulate their emotions and cope with anxiety. Modeling correct behavior will help them better understand how they should act around other people.


One of the most important factors you can consider when establishing a child’s sense of trust is being able to recognize and empathize with them. This will allow you to provide them with the necessary support and encouragement to handle whatever challenges they may encounter. You should also respect their privacy, as some things they want to keep private may come up later.


Let your child have certain aspects of their life separate from you as long as there is no reason to believe something has to be discussed. During this stage, children start feeling a sense of separation as they begin to form their own selves.


You should let them fold clothes, put away dishes, handle utensils, or help you prepare food. Don’t expect much success, and try not to get carried away if they accidentally break a glass, as this can happen. By extending the option, you’re showing them that you trust them, and you’ll be able to let them know that you’re still confident in their ability.


Make sure to provide your child with the necessary support and encouragement to handle whatever challenges they may encounter. One of the best ways to do this is by playing with them. This can help them develop a bond with their friends and learn about how you show trust to other people. It’s also a great way to bond with your child and connect with them about their interests.


Being able to answer any questions that they may have while you’re playing will give them the necessary security to know that you’re capable of taking care of them. This is also a great time to remind your child to be careful around other people, as well as not to trust anyone who doesn’t know them.