Dreams can feel very real and can actually trick the dreamer into believing they’re real. Having dreams that keep coming back and are recurring? These dreams are called recurring dreams and many experts believe these dreams are an act from the subconscious trying to relay information to the dreamer.

Dream Studies

Dreams have been studied for a long time and there is much indecision amongst the dream community on what dreams are and why they exist and happen. One dream expert, named Dr. Milan Balakrishnan, believes dreams may be nothing at all, just electrical impulses that help to bring the brain back to reality towards the end of sleep. Dreams may also be an ancient mechanism that helps to enhance the neuro-cognitive mechanics that are necessary to address threat perception and avoidance.

Dream Connection

Dreams might help connect us better to our feelings and emotions. Although dreams may not be real, the emotions they are connected to might be. If dreaming is a way for our subconscious to process emotional items, then it could make sense that recurring dreams would keep popping up during sleep. Up to 75% of people experience the recurring dream.

Different Dream Recurrences

Many people go to sleep and never experience the phenomenon of recurring dreams, yet many people have the experience all too frequently. There are no certainties why a specific dream may recur over and over again, but most scientists believe the dreams are trying to tell the dreamer something important.

Being Chased

Generally being chased in a dream can mean the dreamer is avoiding an important issue in life that may bring much anxiety and stress. The brain may be trying to send a warning or a clue to the dreamer to address.


When a person is experiencing a loss of control in real life, this type of recurring dream may happen. Marriage, finances, and job security are examples.

Cheating Partner

Many will take a cheating partner’s dream as a sign of a partner who might be promiscuous. However, these dreams usually come from deep-seated insecurity within the relationship. Death of a loved one, taking a test, teeth falling out, vehicle out of control, and flying are other common recurring dreams.

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